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We love to hear your feedback. Your suggestions and ideas are important to us. Our feedback forum is a great place to post your ideas and vote on others. Please share your detailed use case and how the proposed enhancements can increase value to your business. We do read all of your posts, but may not be able to respond to all comments.

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Send an automatic communication when an employee is marked as did not attend for an event based activity.

When an employee is marked as 'did not attend' it sends an email to the employee and their supervisor. Email could include information on the impacts of non-attendance such as costs to the organisation, other staff not being able to attend in thei...
Tammie McEvoy about 1 month ago in Learning 0 Future Consideration

More 'Delay Email' Options Needed

We would like some more time delay options to be available that accommodate our recruiters when they choose to work flexible hours. Example Situation: A recruiter needs to take a couple of hours off work for family commitments in the afternoon but...
Lauren Montague 2 months ago in Recruitment 0 Future Consideration

Calendar Integration - Merge Fields

Introduce candidate ID as a merge field in communications (Interview Scheduler).
Guest about 2 months ago in Recruitment 0 Under Review

Duplicating Hiring Manager & Panel Member Names in Panel Review for Staff Selection Report Approval

These users to see only one line in the My Panel Jobs.
Sally Barry 3 months ago in Recruitment 1 Future Consideration

Position Filter on Job Card (Same as can be done on the Job Template Page)

We require the Job Card Position Selection Look Up to be filtered down in the same way the 'Select a Job Template' page can.
Guest 5 days ago in Recruitment 0 New Idea

Recruitment dashboard notification colours

The boxes now have 3 x different types of green. When a job was at offer this was until yesterday red, and now very difficult to see where all jobs are sitting at a glance. Is it possible to use colours with a high saturation and that arent all di...
Guest about 2 months ago in Integration 0 Future Consideration

Ask for a reason why people are "removing" (cancelling) themselves from a learning activity/development item

After the system asks "are you sure you wish to remove this development plan" giving them a list of checkboxes with options as to why they are cancelling "eg - unwell, workload, no longer relevant to my development plan etc (this should be customi...
Guest about 2 months ago in Learning 1 Future Consideration

Applicant Card - History Tab - Needs Fixing to Record Appropriately

Applicant Card history tabs are not accurately displaying records and timestamps. After discussion with a PageUp representative, it was noted that timestamps record recruitment steps rather than applicant status names when transitioned. It woul...
Caitlyn Clark about 2 months ago in Recruitment 0 Future Consideration

Recruitment Process - Application status - Additional Users

The ability to define the additional users in the recruitment process that are NOT on the job card. include Other Additional Users in the recruitment process application status additional users message i.e. move to a "Check" status - Additional Us...
Mark Evans 2 months ago in Recruitment 0 Future Consideration

Require 'Job application withdrawal setting' to be enabled in order for selected settings to take effect or remove the enable button so it is clear that this setting is always on

Selections made in the 'Job application withdrawal settings' page will take effect regardless of whether or not the setting is enabled. This is confusing. Either remove the option to enable the setting or have it actually function to enable/disabl...
Ashley Robinson 6 days ago in Recruitment 0 New Idea