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We love to hear your feedback. Your suggestions and ideas are important to us. Our feedback forum is a great place to post your ideas and vote on others. Please share your detailed use case and how the proposed enhancements can increase value to your business. We do read all of your posts, but may not be able to respond to all comments.

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Add an archive option for journal entries

It would be helpful to add an archive option to the journaling feature allowing employees to archive journal entries from prior years.
Guest 1 day ago in Performance 0 New Idea

Development Tab showing in performance when you dont have this module

To be able to hide the Development pieces of Performance when you do not use or have the learning module. Without the learning module development and tasks are not useable in performance but these still appear. You should be able to hide them. Tas...
Sipree Calder 7 days ago in Performance 0 New Idea

PA's - 1 up manager to be assigned without having to do approvals

The ability to identify each manager layer of a PA in terms of their activities or involved (view, approve or just notify). Also the ability to direct where you want those PA levels in the team Performance Reviews tab grabs this data from. The PA ...
Sipree Calder 7 days ago in Performance 0 New Idea

Delegation levels should not be visible / editable by users.

The ability for super users to manage delegation levels in user management without this being visible and editable by the employee when they view their profile. This is a security risk where someone can update their delegation level until a new em...
Sipree Calder 7 days ago in Performance 0 New Idea

Hide/do not auto create employee cards

To hide or choose to not have employee cards created when you integrate your employees as users for Performance modules. Not all organisations need or want employee cards visible to recruitment and mixed in with their applicant cards.
Sipree Calder 7 days ago in Performance 0 New Idea

Add comments in performance reviews when in edit stage

The ability to turn on adding notes against goals / measures when in edit mode so tracking can constantly be maintained.
Sipree Calder 7 days ago in Performance 0 New Idea

Allow HR to view performance reviews of employees without giving the Control Employee permission

We have the recruitment & onboarding, learning and succession modules and would like to be able to give HR the ability to view all employees performance reviews without giving them 'control employee' permissions. Control employee gives too muc...
Bianca Voyce 18 days ago in Performance 0 Under Review

Formatting Performance Review Templates

Want to be able to format text on the review templates so that you can change the size, font, color, etc.
Guest 2 months ago in Performance 0 Under Review

Bulk download of completed performance review

Ability to bulk download all completed performance reviews. It would be useful to be able to do this from the performance centre. Even being able to click on the performance review from there and view.
Guest 3 months ago in Performance 0 Future Consideration

Allow free text development activities to be added to performance plans.

When setting performance outcomes and linking them to development, the system restricts you to only adding an ‘activity’ from your library whereby we would like to have a free text option which encourages employees to think outside of ‘courses’ fo...
Bianca Voyce about 1 month ago in Performance 0 New Idea