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We love to hear your feedback. Your suggestions and ideas are important to us. Our feedback forum is a great place to post your ideas and vote on others. Please share your detailed use case and how the proposed enhancements can increase value to your business. We do read all of your posts, but may not be able to respond to all comments.

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Make Language Profile Question Mandatory

My idea is to make the language profile question in the application form a mandatory question. This is helpful when people fill it out to know before hand if we need to communicate with a candidate in their preferred language.
Guest about 5 hours ago in Recruitment 0 New Idea

References used for multiple applications

We have applicants that apply to multiple positions (say they apply to a admin assistant position, but we have three, so they apply to all three). That means that if they use the same references, all references will receive three emails to provide...
Alana about 9 hours ago in Recruitment 0 New Idea

Allow multiple (unlimited) on the job card as hiring manager/chair

I still struggle with this issue, so here goes: Our process requires all hiring managers, search committee members, and chair to have the same access in the system. This is not possible with the system. I can only put one person as the chair, only...
Alana about 10 hours ago in Recruitment 0 New Idea

Access on tile for lAssistantproviderID to be the same as lRequestproviderID and lReportstoproviderID.

Have a toggle in settings that will enable the lassistantproviderID to be linked to the lrequestproviderId and/or lreportstoproviderid which will allow the lassistantproviderid (department assistants in our case) to have the same visibility on the...
Krista Thacker about 12 hours ago in Recruitment 0 New Idea

Add or Update Job Duties on Performance Evals

There should be a way to update or add these job duties after the launch. Currently you have to archive the current review and require the supervisor and employee to complete the process again. Not a big problem when it's caught early in the proce...
Guest 4 days ago in Performance 0 New Idea

You've been mentioned communication being editable

Currently, the You've been mentioned communication is not editable and cannot be changed. Would be great for it to be editable like other templates. The email address in which in its sent from is not editable either, so would be great to be able t...
Guest 5 days ago in Recruitment 0 New Idea

Position Filter on Job Card (Same as can be done on the Job Template Page)

We require the Job Card Position Selection Look Up to be filtered down in the same way the 'Select a Job Template' page can.
Guest 5 days ago in Recruitment 0 New Idea

E-mail Alert to Applicant on Application Form Rules

Can the E-mail alerts in the application form question rules be changed to support communication to candidates. Currently the E-mail address is restricted to email address entered in the rule. It would be good to be able to send immediate communic...
Sandie Smith 6 days ago in Recruitment 0 New Idea

Require 'Job application withdrawal setting' to be enabled in order for selected settings to take effect or remove the enable button so it is clear that this setting is always on

Selections made in the 'Job application withdrawal settings' page will take effect regardless of whether or not the setting is enabled. This is confusing. Either remove the option to enable the setting or have it actually function to enable/disabl...
Ashley Robinson 6 days ago in Recruitment 0 New Idea

Enable Audit Log Tracking feature access by Permission

Make it possible to control access to the Audit View Logging feature via a permission that may be enabled/granted to Permission Groups other than Super User . According to PageUp Technical Support, this ability is only enabled for Super Users pres...
Guest 6 days ago in  0 New Idea