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Created by Guest
Created on Oct 13, 2021

Contract Name to be individualised

We would like to be able to individualise the name of the offer contract specific to the candidate, rather than just displaying the public name of the contract template which is great and is a new feature, but having their name on their contract give a much better experience than 'offer letter template' for example. It is also causing us rework by renaming the file for saving to our secure folders to send a copy to the candidate.

What is the business process you are trying to achieve?

The new option to show a different Name publicly is great to have instead of the contract template name, however, when we take a copy of the contract it is still a generic name - we have to rename with the new starters name to individualise the copy in our files/folders.

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  • Admin
    John Lorenzo
    May 11, 2023

    Thank you for your feedback. As mentioned by one of our community portal member, this is already a supported functionality within PageUp. Please contact the support team if you require further guidance on this.

  • Mark Evans
    Oct 14, 2021

    you can do this - check the release notes - property updated in each document - Public filename (Optional)


    Public Filenames for Merge Documents - Deployed to Live 1 Sep 2021

    Functionality to allow a "public" filename that would be used instead of the existing filename when merging a document on the offer card is currently being worked on. This will help ensure that the applicant receives files with names that best match the user's intentions.
    This value will be set within the manage document section and will support merge fields for injecting the applicant's name into the document titles.
    The merge fields supported are {APPLICANTFNAME} and {APPLICANTLNAME}. Including either of those in the public filename will replace the merge field with the applicants first or last name respectively.
    Valid filename special characters are supported - so that excludes: \ / : * ? " < > |