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We love to hear your feedback. Your suggestions and ideas are important to us. Our feedback forum is a great place to post your ideas and vote on others. Please share your detailed use case and how the proposed enhancements can increase value to your business. We do read all of your posts, but may not be able to respond to all comments.

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Alerts when a new applicant is submitted.

Receive an email alerting the search committee that a new application has been submitted.
Guest about 1 year ago in  2 Already Exists

Application status amendments to align to profile

Limit the options relevant to the PageUP profile, this would avoid confusion for the contract/HR team.
Bec McCormack about 1 year ago in  0 Already Exists

editing shared reports

In order to modify a shared report, the owner has to unshare the report, then edit and save it, then re-share the report. Would it be possible for the owner to have edit access at all times? I often forget that I have to unshare first and it adds ...
Amy Dollaske over 1 year ago in  1 Already Exists

Delaying unsuccessful emails after automatic ineligible status

If a candidates answers a question on the application form that marks them as ineligible, instead of automatically sending through a message and unsuccessful email - to instead delay that email by 24 hours (as an example).
Guest over 1 year ago in  1 Already Exists

Contract Name to be individualised

We would like to be able to individualise the name of the offer contract specific to the candidate, rather than just displaying the public name of the contract template which is great and is a new feature, but having their name on their contract g...
Guest almost 3 years ago in  2 Already Exists

Using Recruiting language instead of PageUp language

Wouldn't be easier for recruiters and TA professionals to learn the Page Up system by using the established recruiter language? There is some words that are universal in HR and in Talent Acquisition. How about helping us to learn the system using ...
Guest over 3 years ago in  2 Already Exists

Ability to view/access an audit history for performance plans (e.g. view who changed or archived a plan)

It would be great to see an audit history display with details of the change, user details stamp, and change date.
Anna almost 4 years ago in  1 Already Exists

Guidance text for ALL status move confirmation screens

This is available for the Offer status, and would be useful for other statuses, such as Reference Check, to confirm important information with the Hiring Manager, before the action is triggered by the status
Guest almost 4 years ago in  1 Already Exists

spam filter on Community feedback

filter ALL ideas to prevent this rubbish at least delete as soon as possible
Mark Evans over 2 years ago in  1 Already Exists

Offer Approvals Screen Improvement

To add a column showing the start date of the candidate All recruiters and contract administrator will benefit from this and will be efficient to know which one should be prioritized.
Guest almost 3 years ago in  3 Already Exists