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We love to hear your feedback. Your suggestions and ideas are important to us. Our feedback forum is a great place to post your ideas and vote on others. Please share your detailed use case and how the proposed enhancements can increase value to your business. We do read all of your posts, but may not be able to respond to all comments.

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Make Language Profile Question Mandatory

My idea is to make the language profile question in the application form a mandatory question. This is helpful when people fill it out to know before hand if we need to communicate with a candidate in their preferred language.
Guest about 2 months ago in Recruitment 1 Already Exists

Ability to switch off the 'Job Closed Agency Notify' section when closing a job

To be able to switch off the 'job closed agency notify' section that appears when you close a job or to set the default to 'no'.
Guest 3 months ago in Recruitment 2 Already Exists

Comments on Applicant Board Can Be Deleted and We Shouldn't Delete them

Restrict the ability to delete prior comments by permission group. For example, I shouldn't be able to delete someone else's comment unless I am a superuser.
Kathryn McNamara 3 months ago in Recruitment 1 Already Exists

Ability to Archive Reports on Enhanced Reporting

Have the ability to archive reports no longer being used and have an archive filter.
Lauren Montague 4 months ago in Analytics & Reports 1 Already Exists

Ability to export cost centre list into excel/csv format

in order to more easily reconcile list in PageUp vs lists of cost centres in other system basic export functionality would be very helpful
Paige Folland 4 months ago in Recruitment 2 Already Exists

Teams Filter - include Generic lists and Comms Templates

simplify user life if we could also control Generic lists and Comms Templates
Mark Evans 4 months ago in Recruitment 3 Already Exists

Filled Jobs allowing applicants to withdraw and edit applications

At the status of Filled there should be no ability for the applicants to edit or remove their applications.
Guest 5 months ago in Recruitment 1 Already Exists

Having a note section on the applicant card

Important information will be viewed faster and more efficiently
Sonal Nagar 5 months ago in Recruitment 3 Already Exists

Customizable columns on 'Jobs' page

I think Superusers being able to customize which columns they see on the 'Jobs' page would be useful. We have Superusers in different departments, so different columns are useful to one department, while the other has a different role and it'd be ...
Guest 7 months ago in Performance 0 Already Exists

Manage Jobs - Search Filters

When searching for active jobs, I'd like to be able to specify the Sub Department in my search. Currently, only the Department can be used to filter results. This leads to too many results (2300 jobs) instead of far fewer and more specific results...
Guest 11 months ago in Recruitment 4 Already Exists