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Categories Recruitment
Created by Dale Hallas
Created on May 31, 2023

Make Talent Search read keywords in CV

I want to be able to have an easy application process along with easy talent searching. Due to PageUp Talent Search not having the capability of reading uploaded CV's ,talent search relies on the questions asked at application stage.

For talent search to be useful, this would require us to create a separate question for each skill we are looking for, making for a very lengthy process for our candidates which in turn will result in a lot of abandoned applications.

If you could get the software to be able to search uploaded cv's for keywords we are looking for, we won't have to ask the candidate to fill in details regarding previous workplaces, education, skills, etc.

The smaller the questionnaire and application form, the lower the drop out rates would be.

What is the business process you are trying to achieve?

When using talent search, it would be great if PageUp's software would read the uploaded CV's and pull compile a list of candidates based on keywords in the CV's. Most recruitment software has this functionality, along with seek and other job boards.

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  • Admin
    John Lorenzo
    Jun 8, 2023

    Thank you for submitting your idea. We are pleased to inform you that resume keywords search is already supported in Talent Search. This feature has been designed to cater to both power Boolean users and those who may not be familiar with Boolean search techniques. If you would like to learn more, please visit the knowledge portal link provided or reach out to your customer success manager for further assistance.