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Created by Alana
Created on Mar 1, 2023

Flag icon on question answered as flagged

While the system puts a flag in the flag column, it doesn't flag the question that we selected with incorrect answers. It would be nice to see that on the application itself for a pre-screen flag.

What is the business process you are trying to achieve?

Show which answer they answered incorrectly

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  • Mark Evans
    Jun 22, 2023

    John - we appreciate the new "View applied form rule snapshot"

    it is great to be able to see the kick-out and why any Application flag applied

    the issue - how do we know which particular application triggered an Applicant Flag

    currently you would have to review every individual "View applied form rule snapshot" to see what triggered the Applicant flag.

    Ideally this should be visible in History against the applicant or up in the Applicant flag note area with date and Job that triggered it

    Applicant flags if applied manually are tracked in the History. - if form rules apply an appicant flag then this should be displayed in a similar manner

  • Admin
    John Lorenzo
    Jun 22, 2023

    Hi Alana -

    Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback.

    We are delighted to inform you that there is a feature available that enables users to view the form rules that are activated upon the submission of an applicant's application.

    To learn more about this functionality, we recommend reading the relevant article in our Knowledge Portal. Alternatively, if you require additional assistance, please feel free to reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager.


    John L.

  • Mark Evans
    Mar 1, 2023

    highlighting the kickout would be useful