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Categories Recruitment
Created by Cristina Figueroa de Enriquez
Created on Jun 12, 2024

Job search categories - make job search category groups reportable

Make job search category groups reportable so that results could be narrowed down by specific groups. This would make reporting on job search categories much easier.

What is the business process you are trying to achieve?

Would like to report on job search categories that pertain to specific job search category groups. However, at this time, it is not possible to report on job search category groups.

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  • Cristina Figueroa de Enriquez
    Jun 28, 2024

    Hi John,

    The business outcome would be ease of reporting on job search categories. Without having the job search category groups available for reporting, it makes filtering out data more cumbersome. For instance, if I only want to report on group "job search category/discipline," there is no way to only select that option, I have to manually select the job search category values, which in this example is about 40 separate values for our organization. Hope this provides the information you were looking for.

    Thank you,

  • Admin
    John Lorenzo
    Jun 20, 2024

    Hi Cristina,

    Thank you for your idea. Could you please provide more context about the business outcome that you are tyring to achieve with this idea?


    John Lorenzo